Performer Bios

[one_half]2 Humans

American Breakfast

Angel Yau

Animosity Pierre

Baby Shoes

Bad Hair

Better Than The Machine

Bing Supernova


Boosh. Kla-Klau.

Boy Meets Tractor

Brick Penguin

Business Computer

Camp Woods


City Hall

The Clay & Calhoun Sketch Comedierie

Hillary Rea’s Crush Comedy

Daring Daulton

Dave Terruso

Desperate Times

Dog Mountain

Don’t We Boys

Foia Love (Curtis Raye)

Frange & Stern

Friends of Gertrude

Hate Speech Committee

High Dramma

Inside Joke Films

Joe Moore

Judo Range

Last Call Cleveland

Local Holiday Miracle

MacCloskey & Meyers

Mani Pedi

Marina & Nico

Meg & Rob[/one_half][one_half_last]Meg Favreau


Mike Rainey & James Hesky

Missing Earl

National Scandal

Oh Theodora


Paul Valenti

Pirate Sugar

Rob Asaro

Rowan & Hastings

Sawyer & Hurley

Secret Pants

Specific Jawns

Tales From A Body Cast (Charles Rosen)

The Chris & Paul Show

The Cool Table

The Dependable Felons

The Disappointments

The Dowry

The Feeko Brothers

The Gentlemen’s Rotary Auxiliary

The Incredible Shrinking Matt & Jacquie

The John F. Kensil Show

The Mask & Wig Club

The Monthly Hour

The Nevergreens

The Prince

The Sixth Borough

The Waitstaff

This Thing Of Ours

Thunderstood (A. J. Schraeder)

Tony Ho



Unstoppable Failure[/one_half_last]