Foia Love (Curtis Raye)

FOIA Love LogoNew York City, NY

Curtis Raye hosts a comedy show about public records. You might be thinking, “a comedy show about the Freedom of Information Act?” We get it–that sounds weird. But it’s not. There is comedy in public records: School board meetings and court testimony are treasure troves of human folly. The Freedom of Information Act ensures any citizen has the right to information about the government. This show ensures you can then laugh at that information.

FOIA Love is sketch, video, improv and nonsense performed by a rotating line-up of elite comedians whose sole goal is to entertain you, while perhaps imparting a wee bit of information that’ll make you go “huh…I didn’t know I wanted to know that…but I’m glad I know it now.”

Philly Sketchfest – 2014

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