Friends of Gertrude

Friends of Gertrude.jpgBoston, MA


Two black guys, an albino, a chick, and a jew walk into a bar in Boston. After sharing one whole beer, Friends of Gertrude is born. Their fun and fast-paced shows have been described as unpredictable, smart, and hilarious by audiences and critics alike. Through face melting and irreverent sketches, glorious song, and impromptu break-dancing, FoG brings to the table a fresh, fearless, and funny brand of comedy that takes aim at art, life, pop culture, your mom, and everything else in between.

Friends of Gertrude are Laura Burns, Zach Eisenstat, Dennis Hurley, Sam Ike, and Quentin James.

Friends of Gertrude.jpg is courtesy of Becca A. Lewis


Philly Sketchfest – 2010, 2012, 2014


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