Friends With Names

New York City, New York

Philly Sketchfest – 2017

Friends with Names is a NYC-based sketch group made up of some handsome boys and a lady whose faces have appeared in the Philadelphia Improv Theater, The Rochester Fringe, The Annoyance Theatre, The Armory, Upright Citizens Brigade, the People’s Improv Theater, Magnet Theater, Adam Wade’s Story-Telling Hour, and the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival. Their words have appeared in the Hard Times, the New York Times, Above Average and regional bridal magazines. We’ll let you guess who’s done what.

Friends With Names is a group of friends who brunch and make sketch comedy videos together in New York City. Their names are Kyle Erf, Phoebe Lett, Fernando Maldonado, Tom Powers, and Morgan Williams.

2017 Festival Performance Date
Sunday, April 23rd at 8:30pm at Underground Arts with The Prince and Sweetish