Theatre Sainte-Catherine – Montreal, Quebec

Philly Sketchfest – 2017

HOT RAW FIRE features Danny Belair, Deirdre Trudeau, Paul Naiman, Lise Vigneault, and Jacob Greco, who have written and performed WELL OVER ONE HUNDRED MINUTES OF PURE COMEDY. Known for their use of live video on stage and PG-13 body horror mime-cycles, this quintet has tickled audiences across North America with the comedy of adult children. They are the winners of ‘Best Local Troupe’ at Montreal Sketchfest 2015 & 2016, were showcased in ‘Just For Laughs’ 2016, and have performed at NYC Sketchfest 2015, Chicago Sketchfest 2017, Toronto Sketchfest 2017, and Philadelphia’s own Good Good Comedy in August 2016. Actors, comedians, poets, seasonal workers, and murderdogs come together to the delight of crowds and their moms alike.

2017 Festival Performance Date
Friday, April 21st 8:30pm at The Adrienne Theater Playground with High Dramma and Cool Kid Comedy