Jourtney & Colie, with Courtney & Jolie

Philadelphia, PA

Philly Sketchfest – 2017

Courtney Painter and Jolie Darrow are two swell gals who make up Philly sketch comedy duo Jourtney & Colie, with Courtney & Jolie. Self-described, “anxious little ducks,” Courtney and Jolie use their overactive brains to present shows that are silly while being grounded and observational. JCwCJ first performed together (and continue to perform) as members of Philadelphia sketch comedy group, Barbara Bush. JCwCJ has appeared in the Out of Bounds Festival in Austin, TX (2016) , Philly Sketchfest Presents (2016), as well as many shows all over the Philadelphia area. They have also appeared with Barbara Bush at the Crossroads Comedy Marathon (2015), Philly Sketch Fest (2016), Philly’s Dirtiest Sketch (2015), Toronto Sketch Fest (2017) and the PIT in NY (2016) . Courtney and Jolie are all about girl power. So much girl power. They love Joan Crawford, R.B.G. and doing Pesha Kushas for fun!

Through their characters, Courtney and Jolie take their unique brand of anxiety to spin all those icky thoughts and feelings into hilarious commentary about society and their place within it. Even when their characters find themselves in murky water, they always leave the audience feeling great!

2017 Festival Performance Date
Sunday, April 23rd 7:00pm at Underground Arts with Your Mom, and The 19th