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5++ Questions – Jolie Darrow interviews Trout House (NYC)

Tomorrow night, New York City sketch comedians, Trout House will be performing in Philadelphia with stand-up, Eddie Finn and sketch peers, Sweetish for Philly Sketchfest Presents at the Playground of the Adrienne Theater at 8:30pm. While we’ve been busy prepping for the show, Jolie Darrow of Barbara Bush reached out to Eric Feurer of Trout House for an interview “sesh” so you could be up to date on all things Trout House before the show…

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Philly Sketchfest Presents – Sweetish, Trout House (NYC) and Eddie Finn on Friday, November 20th at 8:30pm

We are extremely excited to announce all the details for Philly Sketchfest Presents, upcoming 8:30pm show on Friday, November 20th at The Playground at the Adrienne Theater featuring Sweetish, Trout House (NYC) and stand-up comedian, Eddie Finn!