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Philly Sketchfest Presents – Sweetish, Trout House (NYC) and Eddie Finn on Friday, November 20th at 8:30pm

We are extremely excited to announce all the details for Philly Sketchfest Presents, upcoming 8:30pm show on Friday, November 20th at The Playground at the Adrienne Theater featuring Sweetish, Trout House (NYC) and stand-up comedian, Eddie Finn!

Sweetish Red Logo
Sweetish is a sketch group founded by entropy and headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. From July 2014 to January 2015, the group competed in and were crowned champions of the sketch comedy game show, Iron Sketch at Philly Improv Theater. Sweetish’s comedy is influenced by pop culture and a love of practical effects. They combine innocence, dark humor, word-play and elaborate set pieces into a one-of-a-kind comedic experience. All sketches are written & performed by group members, Brian Craig, Julia Hudson, Bobby Lang, Maura Pennington, and Erik Sojka. Sweetish is directed by Brian Craig.
Trout House Fish
Trout House is a New York City/Brooklyn based sketch group that recently performed as part of the 2015 NYC Sketchfest at The PIT. The group self-proclaims they are known for their big props, big characters and little penises but that’s not all. They’re also flawless in their execution of high concept sketches, giving all of themselves to their performance creating an essential immediacy which always manages to stay well ahead of the audiences expectations. Both a name and a play on words, Trout House is Hank Browning, Eric Feurer, Gregory Lotsvin and Steph Shober.

Eddie FinnEddie Finn
Okay, we know what you’re thinking and no, this isn’t the premiere of the world’s youngest stand-up comedian. Absolutely not. That’s extremely exploitative and we’re all better than that, right? Good. This is just how Eddie Finn sees himself and no one can take that away from him. These memories happened! Eddie also enjoys ice cream and if you bring him some, you may earn the title of his new best friend. If more than one of you brings him ice cream, he will create a posse, not to exceed 5 people (not unlike those guys from Entourage), whose sole purpose will be eating ice cream and only ice cream (which is very unlike those guys from Entourage). You would be a dumb-dummy if you don’t immediately go to twitter and follow Eddie Finn – @eddiejfinn