Performances were held at PFS Roxy Theater, The Playground at the Adrienne, Ruba Club, and Underground Arts from April 19-April 23, 2017.

The 19th

Adventure Friends

The Amazing Flying Edelmen

Bad Medicine (Washington, DC)

Barbara Bush

Brick Penguin (Washington, DC)

Clip Show (Long Island City, NY)

Cool Kid Comedy (New York City)

Cups and a Half

The Decoy

Dinosaur Jones (New York City)

Dog Mountain

Don’t We Boys (Grand Rapids, MI)

The Flat Earth

Friends with Names (New York City)

High Dramma

Hot Raw Fire (Montreal)

House of Solitude

The Incredible Shrinking Matt & Jacquie

it’s the new

Jack O’Keeffe

Jon & Ian Have Something to Tell You

Jourtney & Colie with Courtney & Jolie

Kathryn & Sarah

Ladies and Gentlemen (Montreal)

Locked in Julia’s Basement

Mean Wendy Band

My First Sketch

The Original Arugula Boys (Toronto)

Patric Writes Sketches

The Prince

Pure & Weary (Chicago)

Rock Bottom University (New York City)

Secret Pants


Thunderstood (Greensboro, NC)

Your Mom