When does the actual festival for Philly Sketchfest take place?

Philly Sketchfest 2024 will take place over two weekends in May and June, 2024. Exact dates will be announced shortly. Keep your eyes peeled to phillysketchfest.com and all the social platforms for more information.

What happened to your yearly “The Dirtiest Sketch in Philadelphia” event?

It’s in hibernation. Who knows? Maybe it will come out of mothballs.

What is My First Sketch?

 My First Sketch is a podcast, produced by Philly Sketchfest and hosted by Josh Higham, which digs into a sketch comedian’s first attempt at sketch comedy. More information can be found at myfirstsketch.com.

What is Cutthroat Sketch?

Cutthroat Sketch is a monthly sketch comedy competition where two teams of randomly assigned writers and performers prepare a 15-minute set of sketch comedy, based around a theme or prompt. Then, the teams will attempt to sabotage each others with dastardly tricks designed by the host and producers. It takes place on the first Thursday of the month at Sawubona. More info can be found at cutthroatsketch.com.

Who is Curt’s favorite actor?

Kevin Sorbo. “Especially the most recent stuff.”

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