performed at The Philadelphia Shakespeare Theater

Angel Yau, New York, NY

Boy Meets Tractor, Swarthmore, PA

Friends of Gertrude, Boston, MA

Inside Joke Films, New York, NY

Meg & Rob, Philadelphia, PA

Sawyer & Hurley, Boston, MA

The Chris & Paul Show, New York, NY

The Feeko Brothers, Philadelphia, PA

The Waitstaff, Philadelphia, PA

Animosity Pierre, Philadelphia, PA

City Hall, New York, NY

Hate Speech Committee, Philadelphia, PA

MacCloskey & Meyers, New York, NY

Rob Asaro, New York, NY

Secret Pants, Philadelphia, PA

The Dependable Felons, Wilkes Barre, PA

The Gentlemen’s Rotary Auxiliary, Philadelphia, PA

This Thing Of Ours, New York, NY