Cam Wyllie is Canada’s beloved Sketch Comedy Maniac, with 3 Canadian Comedy Award Nominations, Festival Appearances all over North America, and a bunch of Comedy Awards with made up sounding names. He’s coming in hot with a carefully curated selection of brave, tragic, and gleefully dumb characters who, like him, are just trying to do their best. Armed with a passable singing voice, a can do attitude, and the odd tinfoil prop, he’ll give you plenty of reasons to laugh, cheer, and get invested. Open your heart to the hilarious, often surreal, and always unpredictable world of Cam Wyllie.

Cam Wyllie has performed at Philly Sketchfest in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Cam will be performing with Bad Medicine on Saturday, October 22, at 10pm at Plays and Players Skinner Studio. Tickets here.