The rules of the show: A new troupe of four or five people will be randomly assigned together. Teams will be given a prompt (a prop, costume, etc) that must be used, at least once, in a sketch comedy set, lasting no less than 12 minutes, but no more than 15. They’ll have about a month to write, rehearse, and perform that set. On the night of the show, participating teams will be given money to bid on sabotages to inflict on the other team. No one will know the sabotages beforehand, other than the producers of the show. Judges and the audiences will choose a winner in the end. 

The first Thursday, every other month (the even ones) at Sawubona Creativity Project.

To sign-up for future shows, go here.

Come to the festival edition on Thursday, June 6, at 7pm at Sawubona Creativity Project. Tickets here.