“Fastball Pitcher” Bob Gutierrez is a former middle-relief pitcher for the 1980s Chicago Cubs. After his mediocre-at-best baseball career busted, “Fastball” set off on a journey of self-discovery, and found himself in the world of motivational speaking, inspiring diverse crowds ranging from church youth groups to old-age homes, and everything in between. “Fastball” has now re-envisioned his motivational message of “You can probably do it” through the lens of Country Music, welcoming audiences of all ages to “Fastball Country”. “Fastball Pitcher” Bob Gutierrez has appeared on pitchers mounds in most National League baseball stadiums, as well as stages, back rooms, and fire halls across America.

This is “Fastball Pitcher” Bob Gutierrez’s first appearance at Philly Sketchfest.

You can see “Fastball Pitcher” Bob Gutierrez along with Secret Pants on Friday, June 7, at 830pm (sold out) and 10pm at the MacGuffin Stage in the Adrienne Theater. Tickets for the 10pm show here.