Field Trip is a Boston-based sketch comedy trio whose sets have been described as “refreshingly positive,” “surprisingly touching,” “cured my IBS,” and “not for me.” Since 2022, they’ve been delighting audiences with their signature brand of fast-paced, smart-dumb humor.

Field Trip does shows all over New England, and they’ve performed at NYC Sketch Fest, Portland Maine Comedy Festival, and the Portland (Oregon) Sketch Comedy Festival.

Hand in your permission slips and buckle up for a journey of goofs, gaffes, gabs, jabs, and most of all, well-timed comedic jokes delivered in a scripted format. We’re going on a Field Trip!

This is Field Trip’s first performance at Philly Sketchfest.

You can see Field Trip at Philly Sketchfest 2024 along with A.J. Schraeder on Friday, May 31, at 830pm at the MacGuffin Stage in the Adrienne Theater. Tickets here.