During the 1990s in San Francisco, Colin Mahan and Mike Spiegelman performed as members of comedy group The Fresh Robots, while running a weekly sketch showcase at the Marsh Theater’s Mock Cafe. They were alao co-writers on the Austin Powers: Operation Trivia CD-ROM game in 1999; Colin Mahan voiced Austin Powers and Dr. Evil. In 2015, they began performing sketch comedy again as The Great Difficulties. They haven’t stopped since but changed their name to The Great Disappointments aka The Greatles. The have performed twice at the San Francisco Comedy Day in Golden Gate Park, several consecutive years at the San Francisco Sketchfest, and weekly on Zoom comedy mics.

This is The Greatles’ first appearance at Philly Sketchfest.

You can see The Greatles along with Tom Hannigan on Friday, May 31, at 10pm, at the MacGuffin Stage in the Adrienne Theater. Tickets here.