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Philly Sketchfest 2017: Line-Up Announcement!

The official 2017 Philly Sketchfest line-up has arrived!

We’re proud to be returning this year with a truly incredible list of performers, who will be hosted at a variety of phenomenal venues across the city, including the PSF Roxy, Underground Arts, The Ruba Club and the Playground at the Adrienne Theatre.

Festival Dates: April 19th-23rd

Ticketing Info:

All tickets for our live shows are available at
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Philly Sketchfest: Back and Ready for 2017!

We’re back, and we’re excited to announce that this year’s 2017 Philly Sketchfest will take place from Thursday, April 20th, 2017 through Sunday, April 23rd, 2017.

2016 was an incredible experience for us, and we’re pleased to report that we’ll again be hosting our events at multiple venues across the City of Philadelphia.

If you’d like to apply, please use the link below to submit your group, comedy collective or solo act for the 2017 Philly Sketchfest.  Please note – There is a $20 submission fee.

Apply for 2017 Philly Sketchfest here!

Submission period will close on February 15th, 2017. Our festival schedule will be released on Wednesday, March 15th 2017.

We’re also happy to announce that, for the second year in a row, we’ll be hosting a Sketch Comedy Film Festival that will take place in the evening on Wednesday, April 19th. As an added bonus, the submission fee for this year’s film fest is only $5!

You can sign up for this year’s film festival right here.

And of course, 2016 would not have been the massive success it was without the help of our many sponsors and volunteers. If YOU would be interested in volunteering for this year’s fest, just head over to our Volunteer Sign-Up Form and let us know!

Thanks again, and hope to see all of you at this year’s fest!

Q&A with Anthony Jackson of New Team Honeybear (NYC)

Tonight at 8:30pm, Philly Sketchfest Presents will host sketch from High Dramma and from The People’s Improv Theater (The PIT) in New York City, New Team Honeybear with stand-up from Los Angeles based comedian, Conner McNutt. Philly Sketchfest sat down with Anthony Jackson of New Team Honeybear, to talk about the duo’s origins, sketch comedy in New York City and a few details on their set tonight entitled ‘The Butter Show’… Continue reading

My First Sketch – BRAND NEW EPISODES with D.C. Fisher of High Dramma and Ross Weisman of Temple Smash

Philly Sketchfest is proud to present 2 BRAND NEW EPISODES of the My First Sketch podcast hosted & created by Joshua Higham!

In the following episodes Joshua Higham talks to D.C. Fisher of High Dramma and Ross Weisman of Temple Smash.

Scripts read by Joshua Higham, D.C. Fisher, Curt Riedy, Dru Kramcsak (Monologues at PHIT / it’s the new.)

Thanks for enjoying and don’t forget to subscribe to the My First Sketch podcast via iTunes, Soundcloud, and facebook. Continue reading

Sketch Comedy in Philadelphia – May 16th through May 22nd

Few things make us happier than seeing (or hearing) all the love Philadelphia’s sketch comedy community has been getting from national comedy festivals and this past weekend at Montreal Sketchfest 2016 The Flat Earth added a few more accolades performing in the closing night “Best of Fest” show and winning “Best Newcomer” (a.k.a. The Bag of Beer). Philly Sketchfest congratulates Jacquie Baker, Vincent DiCostanzo, Rich Lee, Adam Siry, Matthew Schmid, Molly Silverman and director, Paul Triggiani of The Flat Earth on all their accomplishments this year (including runners-up for Producer’s Pick at Toronto Sketchfest) and thanks you for putting Philadelphia in the conversation when it comes to sketch comedy.


Adventure Friends Baby Steps and Tim Butterly LargeNow please enjoy this week’s listings, with special attention for the May 20th Philly Sketchfest Presents Showcase at The Adrienne Theater Playground!

First at 8:30pm, it’s Adventure Friends with Baby Steps hosted by Tim Butterly of Comedy Central’s Delco Proper.

A Galaxy Uncherished Logo WideThen at 10:15pm, it’s the triumphant, one-night only, encore presentation of House of Solitude’s, “A Galaxy Uncherished” with special guests One Idiot from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City, performing in their critically acclaimed, lost play from Tennessee Williams, “What The Horse Saw”.

More details plus everything else sketch in Philadelphia below… Continue reading

Sketch Comedy In Philadelphia – May 9th through May 15th

No time for love today; only news about sketch comedy shows happening in Philadelphia. Big news of the week? There’s a new sketch group in town and their name is Nakatomi. Even bigger news of the week? That same brand new sketch group is making their debut this week opening for PHIT Sketch House Team, Dog Mountain. But the most big news this week? All of Nakatomi’s writers & performers are improvisors. According to Nakatomi’s Tom Hannigan, everyone in the group has “dabbled” in sketch comedy over the past year and collectively decided forming a group together would give them an opportunity to work out their sketch comedy-chops. We’re thrilled to hear it and excited to see it. What day? What time? Attire? It’s all below! You should really know that by now… Continue reading

Sketch Comedy in Philadelphia – May 2nd through May 8th

Yes, you came here to find out what the ‘happs’ are this week for sketch comedy in Philadelphia. But first, we have to take a moment to acknowledge some Philadelphia sketch groups who’ve been accepted into and will be performing in some incredible festivals over the next two weeks. Please join us in congratulating The Flat Earth (PHIT) and The Incredible Shrinking Matt & Jacquie on their acceptance into Montreal Sketchfest 2016 as well as it’s the new., Kathryn & Sarah, Sweetish, and Until Pluto on their acceptance into this week’s Charm City Comedy Festival in Baltimore, MD! If you’re from Philly and looking for an over-night adventure built around supporting sketch comedy from your city, you could make the trip to Baltimore in time to see Kathryn & Sarah (10:00pm) and Until Pluto (11:30pm) on Friday night, Sweetish (4:00pm) and it’s the new. (7:00pm) on Saturday, and then be back in Philly in time for Mother’s Day on Sunday. Or you could stay in Philadelphia and catch all the incredible sketch comedians that are performing this week. Who are they? See below for all the details… Continue reading

Sketch Comedy in Philadelphia – April 25th through May 1st

If you’re looking for some sketch comedy this week and you live in Philadelphia you have two options – Wednesday & Thursday night. You want more? What if we told you that the shows on Wednesday & Thursday are actually ‘revues,’ where multiple comedians are on the same bill so it’s almost like you’re getting to see eight mini-sketch shows? You’d say we’re playing with semantics? We’re just trying to be positive… What’s that? You’re also asking if we get paid by the word to write these intros? Not money, but we do enjoy spreading the word about Philly’s sketch comedy community… right, right, more of those semantics you don’t want. You’d like us to just get right to it then? FINE. Even though it’s a light week for sketch these two shows boast some of the most impressive line-ups in recent history including the PREMIERE of a brand-new comedy showcase and the RETURN of Philadelphia’s most beloved sketch comedy revue… Continue reading

Q&A with Megan Thibodeaux & Andalyn Young of ‘Baby Steps’

Earlier this year, Philadelphia (nay, the world) was formerly introduced to twin musicians, Sherry & Terry of Baby Steps, a musical duo born from the depths of the dark underbelly of the nursery-core scene. Created, written & performed by Megan Thibodeaux & Andalyn Young, Baby Steps is a positively eclectic pastiche of comedy, music and performance art that needs to be seen. With a highly celebrated performance at the inaugural Bechdel Fest and equally revered follow-up at Philly Sketchfest 2016, the duo continues their cosmic journey for musical enlightenment this Sunday, April 24th at 8:00pm at W/N W/N (931 Spring Garden St.). While you count down the moments until Sunday, enjoy this interview from Joshua Higham (My First Sketch) and get to know Megan & Andalyn from Baby Steps… Continue reading

Sketch Comedy in Philadelphia – April 18th through April 24th

Now that we’re are all caught up from Philly Sketchfest 2016 we’re ready to return to this website back to some regularly scheduled content highlighting all the sketch comedy taking place in Philadelphia on a weekly basis. We’re also excited to announce here that we’ll be posting more articles and interviews with Philadelphia-based sketch groups as well as becoming the official home of the “My First Sketch” podcast hosted/created by Josh Higham. That’s good news. Some might say great, but we like to think of it as leaving ourselves room to grow. So what’s happening this week already, right? Well word on the street is that you have a hot date with sketch comedy on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday. Check out the events below to see exactly who’ll be taking you out on the town each night… Continue reading