Sketchubator: A Sketch Comedy Incubator

Philly Sketchfest is so pleased to announce we’ll be hosting Sketchubator, an online sketch comedy incubator, live on Zoom! The next edition will take place on October 1 at 10pm EDT.

We invite sketch comedians from all over to share a piece of work they’re working on now to get feedback and see where the laughs are landing.

If you want to share an unpolished sketch or for more information, send Josh an email at


More Sketch Buffet is coming!

Philly Sketchfest is so pleased to be partnering with our friends at Crossroads Comedy to present another edition of Sketch Buffet during the Fringe Festival! Friday night, September 24, at 10pm at Theatre Exile (1340 S 13th St).

Tickets are available here, and the lineup and acts will be announced in the coming weeks.


2021 Sketch Comedy Film Festival is coming!

Image description: text logo saying Philly Sketchfest 2021 Film Festival

This year’s Sketch Comedy Film Festival will once again be virtual, and it’s happening November 19, 2021! Submissions are now open for your funny shorts.

More information and submission information can be found at

Deadline to submit is August 31, so you have time to create something amazing!


Sketch Buffet is coming!

Our friends at Crossroads Comedy Theater asked one of our producers, Curt, to help curate a night of sketch comedy! And now it’s happening!

July 16 at 9:30pm at Theatre Exile (1340 S 13th Street)


The Incredible Shrinking Matt and Jacquie

Steve Swan vs Joe Moore

Crying Alone in the Shower

High Dramma

Mean Wendy Band

(The Ghost of) Goat Rodeo

(and possibly more!)

Image description: Storefront of a restaurant with Sketch Buffet: A Sketch Comedy Showcase written on the facade. Multiple Crossroads Comedy devil icons on the windows. Image courtesy of Crossroads Comedy.

2020 Sketch Comedy Film Festival

While we’re all still dealing with the pandemic world and all the cancellations of live events, we’re happy to announce the 2020 Sketch Comedy Film Festival is going virtual!

Debuting live on Facebook Premiere, on Friday, November 20, at 8pm EST, this year’s Sketch Comedy Film Festival will showcase video sketches and short films from talented sketch comedians and provide an outlet for these filmmakers to view their work in a virtual film festival setting.

For more information, check out the Facebook event page here.


Philly Sketchfest postponed until 2021

We thought there would be a chance theaters would be open in the fall. We thought travel would be possible. We hoped. But Philly Sketchfest 2020 isn’t meant to be, at least in the fullest incarnation. We look forward to hosting the Sketch Comedy Film Festival when movie theaters are open in Philadelphia, but live theater seems beyond our reach this year.

Performers who submitted to the festival have been informed of their next steps.

Since theaters are still closed (and will probably be the last thing to open), we’re continuing our Sketchubator sketch comedy open mic on Zoom every other week until, well, until no one shows up anymore.

Any questions, email


Philly Sketchfest 2020 Postponed

Hey everybody, 

We just want to let everybody know that we’ve come to the difficult (but 100% necessary) decision to postpone Philly Sketchfest 2020 from its original June schedule to the Fall of this year. With all of the travel restrictions and other current projections, it’s become pretty clear that we wouldn’t be able to hold the festival in its best possible version. 

We’ll be working with our venue partners to secure new dates, so that we’ll be able to provide our audience and our performers with the best festival we possibly can. Based on the incredible amount of talent that has submitted to us so far this year, we can’t wait to be showcasing their incredible work on stages all across the City of Philadelphia soon.

Any questions, feel free to reach out to 

Stay safe and healthy! 


Selling T-shirts for the Philadelphia Performance Artists’ Emergency Fund

Philly Sketchfest is now selling all its legacy t-shirts to benefit the Philadelphia Performance Artists’ Emergency Fund, a fundraiser to benefit the performers without the stages during this Coronavirus crisis. $6 with free shipping for any of the shirts left in stock, and all the proceeds will go to the Emergency Fund!

Head over to for more.


Submissions are now open for the Sketch Comedy Film Festival!

Submissions for the live shows of Philly Sketchfest 2020 have now closed, but there’s still time to submit your short film to the Sketch Comedy Film Festival!

Just head to, cuz it’s all right there.


The Best of 2019, part 2

Some more wonderful people responded to our call for sharing memories of 2019.

Julia Hudson, Crying Alone in the Shower, Philadelphia

Goat Rodeo’s final show! What an amazing send off for PHIT’s stalwart team. From Botticelli and the Pope to Emergency Alert System to the Tickle Monster to CATS. It’s awesome to watch a Best Of show and realize there are so many other sketches from throughout their run that I was hoping to see. There is so much more I could say about their tight writing, fun performances, props and costumes that put the rest of us to shame, and a director like Samantha Russell – but I’ll stop here. I’m so sad I’ll never get to see another Goat Rodeo show again and so happy that I got to see the last one!

photo from Julia Hudson

Goat Rodeo’s final show was so much fun. Cats is one of those sketches I can watch forever, and it will never not be funny. And the Philly comedy scene now has a Goat Rodeo-sized hole. -josh

Isaiah Headen, Bad Medicine, Washington DC

I co-run the DC Sketch Comedy Facebook page with a few members of Bad Medicine and Brick Penguin. The group has grown a lot and is becoming more active each month. We’ve been adding new members weekly.

Well, in the Spring we do a networking happy hour and this year it was our biggest event ever. We had a representative from every comedy theater in DC (which almost never happens) to talk about their events and how to join. Also a majority of the local sketch teams were in attendance. It not only felt like a real community, but it truly was a signal that the local scene is growing and we’ll be able to support more teams in the future. It was a sketch comedy rainbow of hope.

This sounds so cool.

Cameron Wyllie, The Original Arugula Boys, Toronto

Oh buddy,
We all know that Philly Sketchfest Saturday Nights at the Ruba Club are legendary, and this year was no exception. White Hot Sets from troupes all night long. And the community is great, so we all partied and drank well into the night. We got back to our Airbnb in Rittenhouse around 3 am and desperately needed to eat, so we hit the streets to find some food and COULD. NOT. FIND. ANYTHING. 
But then, who should appear on the wild streets of Philadelphia but Philly Sketch Legend JOE MOORE (Steve Swan vs Joe Moore) who, like a guardian angel, guided us to the nearest open Wawa for the greatest late night hoagies of our lives. 
Out of the billions of people in Philly-Delphia, running into a friendly face from the festival hours and miles apart in the dead of night? That’s a sketchfest miracle if I’ve ever seen one.

Joe Moore and hoagies are both great things late at night. And the Cameron and Carson are part of the reason our Saturday nights are so much fun.

If you’d like to share your favorite comedy memory of 2019, send an email to