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It’s simply been too long since we last saw Sean Landis, Peter Rambo, Nora Assumedname and Eric Steele on stage together as sketch group, American Breakfast. Thankfully, these four will be rectifying that tonight, New Year’s Day 2016 as part of Philly Sketchfest Presents’ January showcase featuring West Grove, PA sketch group, Your Mom. Philly Sketchfest had the opportunity to chat with Sean, Peter, and Nora before their reunion show tonight at 8:00pm to talk about what they’ve been up to since since we last saw them on stage…

AB Promo Poster 2016-01-01Philly Sketchfest – Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions before your show tonight. So did American Breakfast ever officially disband or was it more and indefinite hiatus?
Nora Assumedname – American Breakfast is forever and never dies but some of us live in Wisconsin now and it makes its difficult to perform.
Peter Rambo – I guess it was an indefinite hiatus. We never really talked about it before I left for Wisconsin.
Nora Assumedname – We lie in wait like chicken pox. We could resurface as shingles at any moment, afflicting the elderly.
Sean Landis – I viewed American Breakfast as an excuse to hang out with friends, like a good brunch.

Philly Sketchfest – What’s kept you busy since the last time we saw American Breakfast?
Nora Assumedname – I fell in a sink hole and then i spent several months calling the city trying to get the sink hole filled in to keep others from suffering my fate. It was very Erin Brockovich only my shirt was even lower cut and i have yet to receive an Oscar for it.
Sean Landis – I have brunch with Nora a lot.

Philly Sketchfest – What was it like coming back to work together after time apart from each other and/or individual experiences in your other comedic projects?  Either from a performance, production or simply an audience perspective if that helps clear up any confusion in our convoluted question. 
Peter Rambo – The way we’ve worked for most of our existence is long periods of nothing, then booking a show, then panicking until it’s over. So, this has felt pretty natural.
Nora Assumedname – I forgot that our meetings are really fun!!!!!! I just truly enjoy being around them so much that its almost tricking me into thinking comedy would be fun without them, which it is not. I don’t know how any of you have any fun without them. 
Sean Landis – It’s great! We met up for brunch, and it felt like old brunch times.

Philly Sketchfest – How did American Breakfast begin? What drew you to 
working with each other? Had any of you met or know of each other before you met?

Nora Assumedname – We met in a PHIT Sketch 101 writing class. I had totally misjudged both Eric and Sean based on my experiences with them in class, they ended up being very different – good different! Or, at the very least a lateral move – than what i had guessed based on our 8 weeks of table reads. Peter is exactly the same. He was probably a helpful, punctual 3 year-old.
Peter Rambo – At the very end of the last class, someone was like, “we should keep doing this,” and like eight people said “yeah, let’s do it.”
Sean Landis – We held a brunch meeting when class ended, and the four of us attended.
Nora Assumedname – It turns out Sean, Peter & Eric are magically all my favorite people who I think are genuinely so funny in individual ways that don’t make me feel like I’m competing with them or like we are stepping on each others toes.

Philly Sketchfest – If you had to use one-word to describe the comedic sensibility of your ‘Breakfast’ mates, what would that word be?
Nora Assumedname – Sean – Aware / Peter – Sharp / Eric – Playful
Peter Rambo – Sean – Smart / Eric – Dumb / Nora – Smartdumb
Sean Landis – Myself – Eggs / Peter – Hash / Nora – Toast / Eric – Mimosa

Philly Sketchfest – What was the most creatively inspiring event of your 2015?
Nora Assumedname – I really really liked when that mom threw a birthday party for her child themed around a slip and fall lawyer’s tv commercials. the most beautiful phrase in the english language is “Personal Injury Lawyer Obsessed Toddler”
Peter Rambo – I don’t really get inspired by events. I think the more bored I am, the more creative I feel. So moving to the midwest has been pretty good for that.
Sean Landis – 11:30am, Saturday, April 16: V Street debuted its brunch menu.

Philly Sketchfest – What can we expect in tonight’s show? Any new material or will this be a ‘Best Of’ set?
Nora Assumedname – This is a best of with new material thrown in. It’s all new to me because I literally do not remember writing or performing any of it. Peter showed me videos of our performances and i laughed really hard at myself which is very embarrassing and Very Nora™
Peter Rambo – It’s like a B-sides set: mostly things we did once or twice, but there’s some new stuff and some best-of material as well.
Sean Landis – Our show contains the brunch sketches that please us the most.

Philly Sketchfest – What is your ideal breakfast? Thoughts on brunch, lunch and dinner and 4th meal?
Nora Assumedname – I like a toasted, poppy-seed bagel with butter, or the classic scrambled egg platter. Breakfast is a pretty strange meal. Some cultures do not have distinct morning foods. They eat like, soup or whatever! In the morning!! Morning Stew!!!! That seems weird but ultimately it is Americans who are weird for putting needless restrictions around food. Go crazy and eat a steak at 7am. That’s the real American Dream.
Peter Rambo – I’m a big fan of baked french toast. And I am meal-time agnostic. Breakfast all the time.
Sean Landis – I  don’t really think about brunch.

You can see Sean, Peter, Nora & Eric reunited as American Breakfast tonight, New Year’s Day, with sketch group, Your Mom at The Playground of the Adrienne Theater at 8:00pm Tickets are $10 and available online via TicketFly, Keyword – American Breakfast.

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