My First Sketch – BRAND NEW EPISODES with D.C. Fisher of High Dramma and Ross Weisman of Temple Smash

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Philly Sketchfest is proud to present 2 BRAND NEW EPISODES of the My First Sketch podcast hosted & created by Joshua Higham!

In the following episodes Joshua Higham talks to D.C. Fisher of High Dramma and Ross Weisman of Temple Smash.

Scripts read by Joshua Higham, D.C. Fisher, Curt Riedy, Dru Kramcsak (Monologues at PHIT / it’s the new.)

Thanks for enjoying and don’t forget to subscribe to the My First Sketch podcast via iTunes, Soundcloud, and facebook.

my first sketch DC Fisher

In this episode we hear an audio version of DC Fisher’s “The Expert” and talk to him about his road to High Dramma, whom you can see June 17th at the Playground at the Adrienne at 8:30 with New Team Honeybear.


my first sketch Ross Weissman of Temple Smash

Ross Weisman wrote “The Quest for the New iPod Ad” at age 13 and has continued pursuing sketch comedy while studying at Temple University. In this episode we talk about Smash, MadTV, and YouTube videos at Jewish day school. Featuring Dru Kramcsak (Monologues at PHIT / it’s the new.)



High Dramma New Team Honeybear June 17th
And don’t forget to join us on Friday night at 8:30pm for High Dramma and New Team Honeybear (The PIT – NYC) at the Playground of the Adrienne Theater!

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