“We’re Ghost Girl, a sketch comedy team hailing from the vibrant comedy scene of NYC! We’ve been on the scene since the fall of 2022, and we’re proud to be a house team at the renowned Magnet Theater. Our unique blend of creativity, diversity, and comedic talent sets us apart.

We’re all about making the boldest, funniest decisions possible. Whether we’re exploring bizarre scenarios, reimagining everyday situations in hilarious ways, or taking a comedic dive into the unknown, we’re always striving to keep our audiences rolling with laughter. Our performances are a rollercoaster of wit, charm, and pure entertainment.

So, prepare for laughter, prepare for the unexpected, and prepare to be thoroughly entertained by Ghost Girl!”

This is Ghost Girl’s first appearance at Philly Sketchfest.

You can see Ghost Girl along with Bad Medicine on Saturday, June 1 at 830pm at the MacGuffin Stage in the Adrienne Theater. Tickets here.