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The Judges & Audience Awards for The Dirtiest Sketch In Philadelphia 2015 Go To…


…for the third year in a row, winning both the judges award presented by FUCTNYC and the Audience Award, your reigning champions, The Incredible Shrinking Matt & Jacquie! Join us in congratulating Matt & Jacquie as well as runners-up for both the judges & audience, Adventure Friends.

We’d also like to thank our guest judges, FUCTNYC, our audience for their energy, enjoyment and sounds of horror, Cynthia Marie, Nicole Yates, Jaime Kelly, Dave Terruso and finally the amazingly depraved groups – Barbara Bush, SOAP, High Dramma, Secret Pants, Sad Trombone, Outside Voices, Trout House and Until Pluto. You all put so much into your performances and easily made this the most disturbing, filthy, gag-inducing Dirtiest Sketch in Philadelphia to date. There is nothing any of us can do to undo what we took part in and saw. We all share a secret now and we swear to whatever belief system you can think of that if anyone ever, EVER asks you if you saw Evan Rogerson that night, you tell them he never made it to the show. Understand? He. Never. Made It. To The. Show. IF WE ALL HAVE THE SAME ALIBI THERE IS NOTHING THEY CAN DO TO US!!!

See you next year,
– Ben, Curt & Brian