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Philly Sketchfest thanks everyone who submitted to the 2016 festival and congratulates the following sketch groups on their upcoming performances as part of Philly Sketchfest 2016!


Performances will be held at The Adrienne Theater Playground, Johnny Brenda’s, and The Community Education Center (CEC).

[one_half]2 Humans, Toronto, Ontario

Baby Steps, Philadelphia, PA

Barbara Bush, Philadelphia, PA

Bye Bye Liver, Happy Hour Live – Philadelphia, PA

Dog Mountain, Philly Improv Theater – Philadelphia, PA

The Flat Earth, Philly Improv Theater – Philadelphia, PA

Goat Rodeo, Philly Improv Theater – Philadelphia, PA

Hoagiefist, Philadelphia, PA

The Incredible Shrinking Matt & Jacquie, Philadelphia, PA

Jon & Ian Have Something To Tell You, Philadelphia, PA

Locked In Julia’s Basement, Philadelphia, PA

Mean Wendy Band, Philadelphia, PA

Patric Writes Sketches, Philadelphia, PA

The Prince, Philadelphia, PA

Secret Pants, Philadelphia, PA

Sweetish, Philadelphia, PA

Wretched Hive, Philadelphia, PA

Youth Large, Philadelphia, PA[/one_half]

[one_half_last]Adventure Friends, Philadelphia, PA

Bad Medicine, Washington, DC

Brick Penguin, Dojo Comedy – Washington, DC

The Comic Thread, Stage 773/Bitter Jester Creative – Chicago, IL

The Don’t We Boys, Grand Rapids, MI

Girls With Brown Hair, Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre – New York, New York

High Dramma, Philadelphia, PA

House of Solitude, Philadelphia, PA

It’s The New, Philadelphia, PA

Kathryn and Sarah Present, Philadelphia, PA

ManiPedi, Philadelphia, PA

Meg Grunewald, ComedySportz Chicago – Chicago, IL

Peggylouloulouloulou, Magnet Theater/Annoyance Theater – New York/Brooklyn, NY

Pure & Weary, Chicago, IL

Success 5000, Edmonton, Alberta

Until Pluto, Philadelphia, PA

Your Mom, West Grove/Avon Grove, PA[/one_half_last]


Philly Sketchfest Revues – Multi Group Showcases

This year, Philly Sketchfest is introducing special, one-night only showcases that feature one-off performances from multiple sketch comedy groups from Philadelphia and troupes across North America. These festival revues not only serve as additional opportunities for both festival performers and up-and-coming local groups to perform together, but also provide audiences with the ability to see a wide variety of sketch groups in the festival on a single show. This year, we celebrate the joy and process of writing and performing sketch comedy with the following showcases…

Old To Begin – The Sketch Comedy ‘Cover’ Show – Thursday, March 31st at 11:00pm
Musicians routinely ‘cover’ work by other artists and in this showcase, festival performers and local up-and-coming sketch groups from Philadelphia will perform ‘cover’ versions of sketches in effort to pay homage to those that inspired their own work, remix a classic in a unique or unexpected way, or to introduce a new generation of writers and performers to a rare or under-appreciated sketch from the past. Participating troupes will then perform an original sketch inspired by their ‘cover’. The best part? NO REPEATS and NO FREEBIRD! Come set adrift on memory bliss with Philly Sketchfest as we celebrate the joys of being inspired and inspiring others. Are you a sketch group that wants to take part? Use this link to fill out our form and let us know what sketch you’ll be covering –

Sketch-u-Bator Philadelphia : 2016 – Friday, April 1st at Midnight
Let’s face it. It’s going to be near impossible for you to see every single troupe at this year’s festival. We get that. And perhaps some of you have seen a troupe enough times that you can recite every single word by memory. We get that too. That’s where the Sketch-u-Bator comes in. Sketch-u-Bator is an opportunity for audiences to see over a dozen sketch groups on a single bill. In other words, a gauntlet of sketch. Sketch-u-Bator will provide sketch comedians the opportunity to engage their audience in new and interesting ways that they normally wouldn’t be able to during a typical performance. What takes place in the Sketch-u-Bator is entirely up to the author of the material. While the Sketch-u-Bator is free of expectations, you may see work-in-progress material, troupe mash-ups, and even audience members taking part in a troupe’s sketch as they read from scripts. All-in-all, it’s an opportunity to get to know a lot of sketch groups in one night. Have a sketch group and want to take part in Sketch-u-Bator. Use this link to sign up –

The Philly Sketchfest Film Fest Festival hosted by ‘Brought To You By…’ – Saturday, April 2nd
Philly Sketchfest holds it’s first ever film festival as a mini-festival within the festival! Convoluted? Nah, you just need to read it a few more agains. We’re excited & honored to announce the entire film festival will be hosted by Casey Hogan, Alex Coffey and Peter Szekeres of Philly Improv Theater’s monthly video sketch showcase, “Brought To You By…“. Filming and editing sketch comedy opens up creative opportunities not available in a live format as well as enabling troupes the ability to reach audiences outside their locale via distributing their material on the internet. However, the ability to receive genuine and immediate feedback from an audience is otherwise absent. Every first Friday at PHIT, “Brought To You By…” supports the efforts of sketch groups that film and edit sketches. Come out and show your support for those sketch comedians that work tirelessly to film and edit material that simply cannot be executed live on stage. Interested in submitting your sketch for our Film Fest Festival? There is a $5 application fee for non-festival performers which is payable via paypal after you submit using this link –

My First Sketch hosted by Joshua Higham – Sunday, April 3rd
Re-live the moment seasoned troupes started writing & performing sketch in this engaging program hosted by Philadelphia-based sketch writer/performer, Joshua Higham. Participating sketch groups will dig deep into their archives to find their first attempt at sketch AND then perform it, or have it performed for them, LIVE. After each sketch, host Joshua Higham will lead a candid discussion about what inspired them to start writing sketch, the circumstances that informed their first material, what they wish they knew then that they know now and the process of writing sketch comedy for the stage. Sketch comedy thought long-lost to the passage of time will be resurrected for one-night only! Joshua Higham’s, “My First Sketch” first premiered at the 2015 Black Friday Comedy Marathon and Philly Sketchfest is honored to incorporate it into this year’s festival as both a performance & podcast. Please use the following link to sign your sketch group up for ‘My First Sketch’ –

Check back here for updates including performance times, panels, workshops and much more!

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